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It's a shameful thing to be silent for so long when people have been good to me, so I'll make this a slight return to speech only and wish all and sundry a beneficial 2006, and lots of fortitude, because I believe many of us will need it.

Many thanks to those who attended the Flannery show in Cork in September. It's no exaggeration at all to say that your presence made it worth the effort. Which was considerable. Which is not to say that I am ungrateful for still having a platform.

Current effort is being spent on the 'Flannery album', a curious thing, which will certainly have a different title and slant from the stage show. I hope it will be ready in late spring. Until then, let's all write to Tim Berners-lee and thank him for making possible the delight that is

And so we plough ahead, in fragments. Be good, now.